Souvenir production

Business goals can be reached by more means than just direct advertising. Souvenirs with the company logo easily infiltrate the audience’s daily life. It's a constant yet discrete reminder of your brand right in the customer's hands. Possessing a large assortment of souvenirs, our agency will make unusual gifts and goods for you, from stationery supply to various accessories. We use many methods of applying symbols: embroidery, engraving, pad printing, silk screen printing. Branded products along with a signature decoration will create an additional contact between you and your customers.


Successful companies don’t just their products, but their lifestyle and worldview. It is a more complex process than just sticking a logo on a T-shirt to make it a favourite staple piece. Merch is part of your philosophy. Stylish and functional merch creates strong associations with the brand and becomes a tool of self-expression. Our team will come up with an individual and effective solution that meets your principles and goals, select high-quality materials, and create a garment you won’t want to take off.


Our agency offers all types of printing works and performs a full range of professional printing services. We will prepare layouts for printing both souvenir and paper products of any complexity in a short timeframe. We use all types of paper and work with various formats, including custom sizes. Our experience of multidisciplinary expertise simplifies the process from an idea to its realisation, and our own printing house allows us to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently, no matter how large they are.