ESCAPENOW is a complex of hybrid apartments, suitable for year-round living and renting.


• Creation of a creative concept.
• Social media maintenance: Instagram, Facebook.
• Setting up targeted advertising for lead generation.
• Setting up contextual advertising.
• Presentation creation.


Work with the ESCAPENOW brand began in an era when travelling had changed. Domestic destinations have come to the forefront. Our client offers apartments that can be built anywhere in Russia. Originally, the idea was to build houses in Altai region, in those places where nature with its high mountains, clean rivers and air is unspoiled. The purpose is to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city into solitude with yourself and the world around you.

So this was what we created our content strategy on. Immersion in the emotions that fill our target audience when traveling allowed us to build a ToV: an easy style with an expert presentation, that motivates not only to travel but also to purchase an apartment to live there yourself or rent it out.

Most of our audience are investors. People who think in figures. They don't always have time to read long reports, something quick should grab their attention. Something that hits the target.

Figures became the basis of our digital story. We implemented the visual in an endless feed format, but we modernized it. The only thing that connected the pictures to each other were the numbers. All these reduced the time it took the user to find the information he wanted, but it was also engaging with its visual and meaning.

Our job was to warm up the audience before the launch of sales. And we managed to gather potential clients through targeted and contextual advertising.

The cost of the target lead was 1850 ₽, CPC - 7,4 ₽, CPM - 124 ₽, CTR - 15,15%. As well as 52 targeted bids per month and over 100,000 impressions per week.

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