Wonderdiamond is the first company in Russia that has developed a unique technology for creating synthetic diamonds, which are of the same quality and caratage as the real diamonds.


• Development of a brandbook.
• Design and production of corporate style merch.

The main color chosen was the trendy "International Klein Blue," further emphasizing the futuristic nature of the brand. We decided to use the atomic structure of a diamond as the main pattern.


Our task was to bring the product, which is at the junction of high technology and jewelry art, to a younger audience through a brandbook and corporate style merch.

We have developed a font logo, clearly highlighting the letters "di". The inspiration for this was the Mendeleev periodic table, because the highlighted letters reminded us of a new element.

For Wonderdiamond we have also developed and produced a box with holographic lamination.

As part of the work on the brand we designed and produced leaflets, business cards, product certification tags and other items.

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