Biohacking. Evolution Within is an international project-conference on the culture of health management.


• Creation of a creative concept.
• Social media maintenance: Instagram, Facebook.
• Collaboration with opinion leaders.
• Setting up targeted advertising for lead generation and coverage.


Biohacking was a new trend for Russia, so taking this case was an interesting challenge for our team!

All of our work was aimed at attracting like-minded people to the largest biohacking community in Russia, as well as warming up the audience before the big conference in order to make people sign up for it. 

For this project, we have developed a unique layout using geometric shapes and fonts.

In the process, we managed to cooperate with 30 opinion leaders who promoted the conference and covered it duringf the event. As a result, we got more than 60 storis, 5 posts, and one blogger held a contest among followers with her ticket as a prize. 

Unfortunately, the conference itself, the preparation for which took six months, did not take place offline due to the COVID-19, which hit the world a month before the cheduled date. Therefore, it was decided to promptly transfer the event online.

At that moment, few people knew how to deal with the virus, but our experts already gave comments on this topic and included a lecture "The view of an immunologist and an infectious disease specialist on COVID-19" in the conference. We also launched targeted advertising with the phrase "It's not time to get sick", which reflected the agenda and attracted a lot of "leads".

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Today, the Biohacking Instagram account is the largest and brightest community in Russia.

The continuation of the project was the transition from Digital to Print Production. We developed a layout of a genetic test box with a minimalistic design and a graphic image of DNA, which had a reference to the style of the conference account feed on Instagram.
We fully covered this task: we created the design and released the boxes at our Fintrax production.